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The mission of the Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District (ICFPD) is to aid in the preservation of life and property. Throughout the year, our volunteers participate and contribute to a myriad of functions related to the public safety of the citizens of the district. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about our organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service.

The Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District is located southwest of Denver in the foothills of Colorado. Organized in 1956, Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District. With a first due response area of 52 square miles the firefighters of ICFPD respond to an average of 350 calls per year.

With a roster of fifty active firefighters, the department operates fifteen pieces of apparatus at five stations throughout the district.

Apparatus includes 5 engines, 2 brush trucks, 3 water tenders, 3 ambulances, and 2 rescue trucks.

The firefighters, EMTs and paramedics of ICFPD include a team of highly motivated and trained volunteer professionals. Our purpose is to respond for fire suppression, wildland fire, rescue, emergency medical calls and hazardous material emergencies.

 Todd Moore Retires


Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District announces the retirement of Captain Todd Moore, who has served for over 27 years.  Captain Moore has served ICFPD is a variety of roles since he joined in 1989.  He began to serve after some coaxing from a neighbor.  “My wife and I had 2 young girls and my hobbies of rock climbing and kayaking were considered risky by her.  The fire department was an “acceptable” way to help my community and get an adrenalin rush at the same time.  The 27 years I have served with Inter-Canyon turned out to be way more than just an adrenalin fix, it has been a way of life for my family.  There have been many missed holiday dinners, school programs and functions but I would not have traded this “volunteer career” for anything.  I will carry the friends, acquaintances and knowledge I have amassed the rest of my life.” Moore said.

“Captain Moore is a true Inter-Canyon success story.  We are honored not only by his years of service, but his impact of the community.   Todd has diligently served the community with devotion, courage and integrity.  He will be missed,” Fire Chief Skip Shirlaw states.

Captain Moore has served in a number of roles at ICFPD: firefighter, Lieutenant, Chief of Training and the Wildland Captain.  “The Wildland Captain role was the most enjoyable position I’ve held since my love of the outdoors fell right in line with this position.  While Wildland Captain I achieved the nationally recognized position of Task Force Leader. This position required that I evaluate homes for defensibility, implement strategies and tactics needed to protect the homes from wildfires.” Moore stated after his retirement party.

This interest in wildfire also was responsible for the creation of the 285 Wildcats wildfire team in the early 1990s.  The 285 Wildcats team was a mutual aid team consisting of members from all of the 285 corridor fire departments, providing initial attack on many of the major Front Range fires since Buffalo Creek in the mid 1990s.

Moore plans to remain active in the community by helping with Community Wildfire Protection Plan and informational talks as needed.  His retirement as a volunteer will allow him to spend more time with his grandchildren, tackling home remodeling projects which always seemed to be delayed by one more emergency response and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors.

Captain Moore’s volunteer positions at ICFPD:

  • Station Lieutenant
  • Captain Station One
  • Training Chief
  • Wildland Captain
  • Training Committee
  • Jefferson County Wildland Committee
  • Co-founder of the 285 Wildcats
  • Taskforce Leader/Crew Boss/Engine Boss/ICT 4
  • State Fire Instructor Level One
  • Highlights
  • Responded to many major Front Range fires starting with Buffalo Creek
  • ISO rating lowered in 10 years with hard work from the department, reducing insurance costs to our ICFPD homeowners
  • Participated on the truck design committee for the 12 current fire apparatus
  • Developed the ICFPD Community Wildfire Protection Plan

ICFPD Proud to Announce Largest Single Donation in Department History

EvelynesMemorialAmbulanceDInter-Canyon Fire Protection District is proud to announce the single largest donation in the department’s history.  The family of Evelyne Nordheim selected ICFPD as the recipient of a $220,500.00 donation for the purchase of an ambulance.  Evelyne Nordheim was a resident of ICFPD for over 50 years prior to her death in 2013.  The new ambulance will be positioned at ICFPD Station Four to serve her friends and neighbors in the Deer Creek Mesa and White Deer Valley neighborhoods and all of the citizens of Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District.

“The new ambulance will replace a 14 year-old vehicle which has served our district well, but is nearing the end of its useful life.” said Chief Randy Simpson.  “The ambulance at station four has become our most frequent responding apparatus and will be a great asset for providing emergency medical services across our district.  The generous donation from Evelyne Nordheim’s estate will allow our volunteer staff to provide the best possible care to our patients.”

The new ambulance will have all of the equipment needed to provide Advanced Life Support emergency medical care:

  • Four wheel drive
  • Multiple radios for communicating with surrounding agencies
  • ECG monitor/defibrillator for patient assessment
  • Medications, supplies and equipment to serve all patients

image1The Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District was one of three organizations to receive donations from the estate of Evelyne Nordheim.  The other recipients include the Disabled American Veterans and the Oak Creek, Colorado Fire Department for a building to house their restored original 1938 fire engine.   ICFPD plans to purchase an ambulance, which duplicates the most recent ambulance acquisition.  Standardization will reduce training time and maintenance costs.  Placards recognizing Evelyne Nordheim’s donation will be placed inside and outside the ambulance and on ambulance equipment.

Biographical Information on Evelyne Nordheim Evelyne Jarrell was born on May 4, 1924 in Oak Creek, Colorado.  She grew up in the area and then taught school in a one room school house near Hayden, Colorado where she met Shelby Nordheim who was working as a cowhand on an area ranch.  Shelby served as a Technical Sergeant with the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II and saw action in Africa, Italy and France.  Shelby parachuted into Normandy on D-Day and was critically wounded on June 13, 1944 and spent over a year in the hospital recovering from his injuries.  Shelby and Evelyne were married in 1949 and moved to the Denver area where both worked on a ranch in Waterton Canyon.  In late 1950 Evelyne and Shelby moved to Denver and Shelby attended Barber College, opening a shop in the downtown YMCA. 

Evelyne took a job with the Air Force Finance Office working with servicemen on retirement and disability.  In 1957 they built a house in Jefferson County near the future location of Chatfield Reservoir.  The Army Corps of Engineers condemned the area for a flood control reservoir in 1968 and the Nordheims were able to purchase their house and moved it to its current location on Buckhorn Road near Deer Creek Canyon Park where they lived the rest of their lives.  Shelby passed away in 2001 and Evelyne lived in the house until her death in May 2013.  The Nordheim's did not have any children. Evelyne is survived by her two brothers, Alvin E. Jarrell of Granby, Colorado and Howard C. Jarrell of Grand Junction, Colorado

The volunteer firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics of Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District provide fire suppression, wildland fire response and Emergency Medical Services to approximately 10,000 residents in a 52 square-mile area of the foothills of Jefferson County.  We would like to thank the family of the Nordheims for this incredible gift.